$15 1 article detailed research and analysis content revisions included $15 1 article detailed research and analysis content revisions included $30 Infographic development detailed reserach and analysis writing and design included $35 Writing, design and slicing 5 subject lines numerous email revisions $55 Monthly blog posting 4 written blog posts Thorough topic research $230 Extended package 9 pages of content 5 infographics $250 monthly package daily posting and promotion writing and design included

websiteMeaningful and catchy content will make website visitors act in favor of your product or service. It will generate trust towards your brand, raise curiosity and persuasively explain all the benefits  . . .


icon-2-01To read, share and come back for more, readers should see value in your blog. Industry awareness, strong language command and exceptional writing style is what makes blogging successful  . . .


press_releaseAnnounce your event, new product launch or special celebration with an effectively written press release that makes a sensation out of what you want to say and explain why it’s worth sharing with the world. Employ creativity  . . .

icon-4-01(1)Only few emails get the desired attention – the majority of them are not opened at all. Get creatively designed and written newsletter, cold letter or sales letter + outstanding subject lines that simply cannot be ignored  . . .


icon-5-01(1)Presenting information in images has become trendy and truly effective. Three equally important components make a good infographic – strong research, concise writing and impressive design  . . .


smmMake your brand recognized in social media with an effective social media marketing campaign that covers copywriting, design and analysis & implementation of the best tactics ever  . . .

landingEffective landing page is a key to acquiring new customers. Show what they will be delighted to see: simplicity, creativity and your style. Encourage them to act  . . .


icon-3-01Well-organized, uncluttered and creatively written brochure will boost loyalty towards your brand. It is a also a perfect chance to give more detailed information about you . . .

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